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UK Specialist Finance Provider - Debt, equity and invoice financing

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Chrysalis Capital is a specialist angel investment firm which focuses on providing both debt (including invoice financing, bridge financing and unsecured loans) and equity finance to small UK based companies and professional property investors.   Its strategy is based upon meeting the demand from start-up, established and growing UK companies which require loans, bridge financing or equity capital in amounts ranging from £25,000 to £500,000.  Larger amounts of funding can be arranged by Chrysalis Capital through introduction of a small number of its investment partners to increase the investment to the desired quantum.

As well as providing financing quickly and efficiently, Chrysalis Capital is able to concurrently provide non-executive directors to provide strategic advice as well as access to additional private and institutional funding partners.
Financial Solutions

Chrysalis Capital is a highly flexible investment institution and can provide the following financial solutions:

Equity Financing

Debt Financing

n Venture Capital

n Bridge Financing

n Private Equity

n Secured Debt

n Convertible Debt

n Unsecured Debt

n Management Buy-In

n Invoice Finance

n Management Buy-Out

n Working Capital 

If you would like to access any of our funding options, please contact us with a business plan and financing proposal.